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Marine Corps Embassy Security Group


Marine Corps Embassy Security Group

"Vigilance, Discipline, Professionalism"

Quantico, VA

Preparing for School


Marines must complete Phase III and IV of their Marine Security Guard application to prepare for school.  Marines must start Phase III 90 days before arriving to school and Phase IV at 60 days in order to finish everything and ensure it is still current upon check in.  Both phases cover all requirements for attending school and must be brought to school along with your Phase I.  If you encounter any problems satisfying any of the requirements, please contact the Marine Security Guard Screening Team as soon as possible through the Points of Contacts section of this website.


Phase III.  After being assigned to the MSG Program, you must complete Phase III to conduct the overseas medical screening, passport applications, e-QIP to apply for your Top Secret Clearance, and ISOPREP submission.


NAVPERS 1300-16

DD 2807-1



Phase IV.  Command Recertification.