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LtCol Mark P. Nostro
Commanding Officer
LtCol Nostro
1stSgt Jeffrey R. KUREK
First Sergeant
1stSgt Stewart

Points of Contact:

Region 8 Admin Chief:
☎ 49-69-7535-3839

Frankfurt Post 1:
☎ 49-69-7535-2072

🔗 MCESG Region 8 Site

MCESG Region 8 logo

Region 8 HQ
Frankfurt, Germany

  • Detachment Adana, Turkey
  • Detachment Ankara, Turkey
  • Detachment Athens, Greece
  • Detachment Belgrade, Serbia
  • Detachment Berlin, Germany
  • Detachment Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Detachment Bucharest, Romania
  • Detachment Budapest, Hungary
  • Detachment Frankfurt, Germany
  • Detachment Istanbul, Turkey
  • Detachment Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Detachment Munich, Germany
  • Detachment Podgorica, Montenegro
  • Detachment Prague, Czech Republic
  • Detachment Pristina, Kosovo
  • Detachment Sarajevo, Bosnia
  • Detachment Skopje, North Macedonia
  • Detachment Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Detachment Tirana, Albania
  • Detachment Vienna, Austria
  • Detachment Warsaw, Poland
  • Detachment Zagreb, Croatia