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LtCol Davis L. Klingensmith
Commanding Officer
LtCol Klingensmith
1stSgt Christopher M. Ivester
First Sergeant
1stSgt Ivester

Points of Contact:
Region 9 Admin Chief

MCESG Region 9 Site

MCESG Region 9 Logo
           Region 9 HQ
Fort Lauderdale, FL USA
  • Detachment Belmopan, Belize
  • Detachment Bridgetown, Barbados
  • Detachment Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
  • Detachment Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Detachment Guatemala City, Guatemala
  • Detachment Havana, Cuba
  • Detachment Kingston, Jamaica
  • Detachment Managua, Nicaragua
  • Detachment Matamoros, Mexico
  • Detachment Mexico City, Mexico
  • Detachment Monterrey, Mexico
  • Detachment Nassau, Bahamas
  • Detachment Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
  • Detachment Panama City, Panama
  • Detachment Port Au Prince, Haiti
  • Detachment Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Detachment San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Detachment San Salvador, El Salvador
  • Detachment Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Detachment Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  • Detachment Tijuana, Mexico