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Marine Corps Embassy Security Group

"Professionalism, Discipline, Vigilance"

Quantico, VA
Region 2 - Near East and South Asia
LtCol William D. Hood
Commanding Officer
LtCol Hood
  1stSgt Scott L. Edwards
First Sergeant
1stSgt Edwards
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Region 2 HQ -Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

Welcome Aboard

Congratulations on being selected for the Marine Security Guard Program. It is a pleasure to welcome you to Region 2, Marine Corps Embassy Security Group.

 Currently, the Region consists of approximately 225 Marines serving at 20 Embassies and Consulates in 14 different countries throughout the Middle East and South Asia. This is a challenging and rewarding duty and I am sure you will enjoy your time at Region 2.

 You are scheduled to arrive next month to post. You will be housed with the other Marines in the region. For the present, please contact your sponsor, Region 2 Administrative NCOIC, Sergeant Sheldon Brown at BrownSA@state.gov Administrative Chief, Gunnery Sergeant Hung Chac at ChacHM@state.gov or +971-2-414-2671/2493.

To begin your orientation process, we will get you access to MCEITS so you can begin reading material on the Marine Security Guard Program. Welcome aboard and I look forward to working with you!