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Marine Corps Embassy Security Group


Marine Corps Embassy Security Group

"Professionalism, Discipline, Vigilance"

Quantico, VA

Marine Security Guard School


Marine Security Guard School is located at 27275 Browning Road, Quantico, VA 22134 and is a joint school between the United States Marine Corps and Department of State.  The curriculum and staff are structured by both organizations and the course is 8 weeks.  Detachment Commanders and WatchStanders arrive at school at the same time, but Detachment Commanders are given a few extra classes due to their increased responsibilities at each Diplomatic Mission that they will be deployed to.


Week 1
Detachment Commanders and WatchStanders arrive at school, complete required administration, receive training equipment, and then begin introduction classes as in the Commanding Officer’s Welcome Aboard, Instructors Introductions, and Security Briefs.  Detachment Commanders are taught a few classes to be able to lead and help sustain some of the critical skills for the subsequent training weeks.
Week 2 through 4.
Detachment Commanders take charge of their Detachments and lead their Marines through the rest of the course.  Detachments learn Department of State rank structure, command structure, Riot Control Agents, Expandable Baton, Security Equipment, Department of State Defensive Tactics, Weapons handling for the M9, M870 Shotgun, M4, Department of State Handcuffing Techniques, and Department of State Room Entry Techniques.
Week 5.
Detachments go to the range and qualify with the M4, M870, and M9 using a Department of State shooting course.  Detachments are also taught Riot Control methods, concealed holster techniques, and transition drills.
Week 6.
Detachments are evaluated on the Performance Evaluation Board consisting of Department of State and United States Marine Corps key leaders.  Each Marine’s performance of the past 5 weeks is evaluated to determine if the Marine is suitable for the Marine Security Guard Program.
Week 7.
Detachments are given additional training like Collapse Structure Survival, are given Clothing Allowances and taken to purchase Diplomatic attire, and are given final evaluations in Handcuffing, administrative tests, and Defensive Tactics.  Spouse Orientation begins on Friday of Week 7.
Week 8.
Detachments are given final briefs as in cyber security, conduct and behavior, education opportunities, medical screenings, and family readiness.  Spouse Orientation ends on Friday and the L.I.N.K.S. briefs are given on Thursday.  Detachments then graduate at Little Hall aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico followed by a reception at the MSG School.


Please review Spouse Orientation Program for Married SNCOs and L.I.N.K.S. for families that would like to attend

MSG Screening Team

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