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Application Process

The application process is a (2) phase process. You may submit your application if you do not meet your time on station requirement.  The MSG Screening Team can approve you for a date to come to the MSG School after your time on station obligation. 

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If you meet the prerequisites, contact your Career Planner and inform him/her that you are interested in becoming a Marine Security Guard.  They will give you a Phase I Pre-Screening Form, Commanding Officer’s Screening Checklist, Financial Worksheet, Tattoo Screening Form, and a Reenlistment, Extension, and Lateral Move (RELM) to complete.  Once those are completed, return them to your Career Planner and he/she will upload them in the Total Force Retention System (TFRS) to be sent through an approval process.

Below are the required documents:

  • Phase I (RELM)
  • CO’s Checklist
  • Financial Worksheet
  • Tattoo Screening Form


Phase II is an electronic questionnaire designed to help the MSG Screening Team to determine if you are qualified for the MSG Program.  Below is the link to the Phase II Questionnaire and it must be completed after your RELM is submitted in TFRS.  Once your application has reached the MSG Screening Team, they will review your RELM and Phase II Questionnaire and qualify/disqualify your application in TFRS. If you are found to be qualified, your application will be sent to the MSG monitor for assignment to a class at MSG school. The MSG Screening Team will then send you an email notifying you that you were qualified or disqualified. Your class assignment will be finalized by your PMOS monitor and the MSG monitor. All class seats are subject to change based off the needs of the Marine Corps. You must remain in contact with your Career Planner to identify your assigned class once your RELM is fully approved in TFRS.


Phase II Questionnaire:   https://www.manpower.usmc.mil/application_noncac/

Preparing for School

Marines must complete Phase III and IV of their Marine Security Guard application to prepare for school.  Marines must start Phase III 90 days before arriving to school and Phase IV at 60 days in order to finish everything and ensure it is still current upon check in.  Both phases cover all requirements for attending school and must be brought to school along with your Phase I. If you encounter any problems satisfying any of the requirements, please contact the Marine Security Guard Screening Team as soon as possible through the Points of Contacts section of this website.

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After being assigned to the MSG Program, you must complete Phase III to conduct the overseas medical screening, passport applications, e-QIP to apply for your Top Secret Clearance, and ISOPREP submission.

  • NAVPERS 1300-16
  • DD 2807-1
  • DD2808

Command Recertification.

MSG Screening Team

 Contact the Screening Team

 🖂  Email: MSGInfo@usmc.mil
 ☏  Work Phone Number: 703-432-2701/2702
 ☏  Team Chief Cellular Number: 703-784-4861